3 Ways Keysync Can Help Your Business

1. KeySync Connects IT, HR, and Security

  • The KeySync solution is especially handy when it comes to employee relations. The platform effectively connects all the necessary teams, namely IT, HR, and security, to streamline updating personnel records.
  • For example, when bringing on a new employee the IT, HR, and security teams input the new personnel record separately, which leaves a lot of room for errors. KeySync offers an alternative solution, which includes just adding the information into one system one time.
  • This new streamlined process creates an easier process for the new employee, but it also works well for terminating employees as well. It would be disastrous if a disgruntled former employee were able to access organization accounts or files because of a mishap in the offboarding process! This would also put your current employees and building at risk.
2. KeySync Increases Productivity
  • Both the security and human resources teams are often found away from their desks. Perhaps they are responding to a situation in another building or in between interviews. With the KeySync Mobile App – your team members never have to worry about being MIA! The information in KeySync mobile interacts with your physical access control system, so you can rest easy knowing you can complete even the most time sensitive tasks and projects while away from your desk.
  • Our mobile application is also very popular among guard teams because it allows for constant communication, which increases both productivity and response time. The app features a robust messaging module that utilizes push notifications to alert guards of any areas that need attending to. Guards can use the app to resolve and close out incidents as well.
 3. KeySync Saves Time and Keeps Your Data Clean
  • The KeySync platform eliminates hours of tedious manual data entry and maintains the overall hygiene of your database. The information you input into any one system or database will simultaneously update throughout all your organization’s systems.
  • For example, if you add or update an employee’s records into Bamboo HR – that information will sync with your Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, and any other database!
  • KeySync also has the ability to automatically recognize and continuously update any data errors or duplicate entries in any of your systems. In most cases, these separate lists or databases would require constant upkeep and cleaning, but the KeySync solution can create a custom workflow for your business that does all the work for you.
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