5 Things You Can Accomplish with KeySync Mobile

KeySync Mobile, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, can do a lot more than you think. In fact, the mobile app can accomplish all the critical tasks your guards need to perform in order to keep your facility safe and secure.

1. Lock or Unlock Portals

  • Locking or unlocking portals is usually a task that needs to be executed as soon as possible. Odds are the person trying to get in or out is waiting by the door, so your response time needs to be quick!
  • KeySync Mobile is the perfect solution for situations like this. When notified, an authorized user can access any portal within your building and simply press a button to allow the person to enter or exit.
2. Edit User Information
  • Most of our customers run into unexpected situations where they need to update a user’s information “on the fly”. At moments like these – they are especially happy they have KeySync Mobile so they can make these chances quickly!
  • Authorized security personnel can use the app to upload a user’s photo, update credentials, change access levels, and much more.
  • This feature is also extremely beneficial to the human resources team. When terminating an employee, it’s sometimes best to take away their facility access immediately, especially if they are leaving on bad terms. Cutting off their access will keep both your employees and facility safe and secure.
3. Manage Intrusion Panels
  • The ability to manage your alarm panels through KeySync Mobile is tremendously helpful for managers who are often away from the office. They can use KeySync Mobile to remotely change the alarm panels, bypass zones, arm or disarm your building, and even update alarm codes.
4. Receive Alarm Notifications and Messages
  • With KeySync Mobile, your entire security team will always know what’s going on. Users will receive push notifications and text messages with security updates and announcements.
  • Managers can use the app’s text messaging feature to make sure that each team member is completing their tasks and marking issues as “resolved”.
  • Push notifications are used when configured access control alarms occur. The alarm feed and message center allows for continuous communication and greater coordination when handling alarm events. It even shows you when a portal was held open, which is a major concern for many secure facilities. An open door can put your entire staff at risk!
 5. Manage Alarm Panels
  • While it may not happen often, there is always a chance intrusion alarm system could administer a false alarm. Perhaps an employee entered the wrong code one too many times, or a fire alarm was accidentally pulled. With KeySync Mobile, your security team will be automatically notified via a push notification whenever an alarm goes off within your facility. If they find it to be a false alarm, they can call off the authorities as soon as possible. This could save your organization thousands of dollars. On average, your local police or fire department could charge up to $500 or more for a false call.
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