Are you looking to streamline your security operations and make it easier to manage physical identities in your facility?  KeySync is a Physical Identity and Access Management solution that helps businesses in all industries save time and money by automating data entry processes and information workflows.

KeySync simplifies the control of your organization, ensuring all physical identities have the right to access specified areas during the time they are present. Our software gives access to employees, consultants, visitors, staff, and students within your organization.

Our KeySync solution unifies identity management to keep your property secure at all times.

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Available on Android and IOS mobile devices.



KeySync synchronizes disparate databases and creates custom workflows to ensure each database is up to date with the latest information. KeySync will also help eliminate duplication of manual data entries and reduce typographical errors, while seamlessly synchronizing identities across various databases. A physical identity refers to any person that has contact or interaction with your organization. This can be employees, visitors, and/or contractors. Keysync can integrate all of these identities across various software platforms saving you and your organization time and money.

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