Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Both large and small companies are implementing visitor management systems to streamline visitation and guest processes. A visitor management system can be defined as a secure and professional approach to signing visitors in and out of your facility. These systems are known for their robust reporting capabilities and data storage.

Implementing a visitor management system is a smart move.

  1. Data & Reporting
    a. Security personnel may find a need to revisit old visitor logs, export guest information, or compile reports. Tasks like this are virtually painless with a visitor management system. With a visitor management system, users can search, sort, analyze and export all visitor and guest information.
  2. Security
    a. Having visitor and employee information at your fingertips is crucial during emergency situations. Most visitor management systems have the ability to create an updated evacuation list that is automatically sent via email on a scheduled interval.
  3. Privacy
    a. Visitor management systems offer a level of security that old-school visitor logs cannot. With a sign in book or log – all visitor information is displayed publicly. With an outdated system, you can’t expect your visitors to feel 100% comfortable sharing their information with you, especially if some of it can be viewed as confidential.
  4. Speed
    a. Your guest’s sign in time will be cut in half (or more) with your new visitor management system. The whole process becomes much faster when your guest’s information is retrieved simply by swiping their driver’s license or employee ID badge. Guests also have the option to pre-register. All guest information is saved and readily available for the next time they visit your facility.
  5. Photos
    a. Visitor management systems make printing ID badges easier than ever. Most systems also save visitor’s photos, along with other information, to make the visitor’s return visit even easier. This feature can also be extremely beneficial during emergencies or criminal investigations. The authorities need to be able to properly identify people for a variety of reasons. Moreover, having a photo for returning visitors ensures that the person is who they say they are and are allowed access to your building.
  6. Automation
    a. Users can also set up their visitor management systems to deliver automated notifications when a guest arrives or departs. For example, if you have numerous interviews in one day, your visitor management system can alert you when each candidate arrives and which lobby they are currently waiting in. Moreover, you can also be alerted when a guest signs out of the building as well!
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