Control Your Access Doors with KeySync Mobile

KeySync Mobile is the perfect solution for the “on the go” security director or facilities manager. The app, which is now fully integrated with AMAG, specializes in giving authorized users full control over their facility.   One of the most essential security features that KeySync Mobile offers is complete door control. KeySync Mobile can lock […]

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Press Release: KeySync Becomes Newest Member of AMAG’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program

Read the press release here by clicking here. Symmetry™ Access Control Integrates with KeySync Mobile for Agile Security Solution AMAG Technology, a security solution provider specializing in access control, video management, policy-based identity solutions and visitor management, announces KeySync as the newest member of the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. The KeySync Mobile platform, integrates with […]

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3 Ways Keysync Can Help Your Business

1. KeySync Connects IT, HR, and Security The KeySync solution is especially handy when it comes to employee relations. The platform effectively connects all the necessary teams, namely IT, HR, and security, to streamline updating personnel records. For example, when bringing on a new employee the IT, HR, and security teams input the new personnel […]

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How KeySync Helps Both IT and HR

KeySync is not just for Security Departments. In fact, the KeySync platform, which is categorized as a Physical Identify and Access Management solution, benefits both the Human Resources and Information Technology department’s as well. KeySync unifies identity management databases and streamlines operations for all departments. KeySync makes the biggest impact with both HR and IT […]

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5 Things You Can Accomplish with KeySync Mobile

KeySync Mobile, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, can do a lot more than you think. In fact, the mobile app can accomplish all the critical tasks your guards need to perform in order to keep your facility safe and secure. 1. Lock or Unlock Portals Locking or unlocking portals is usually […]

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Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Both large and small companies are implementing visitor management systems to streamline visitation and guest processes. A visitor management system can be defined as a secure and professional approach to signing visitors in and out of your facility. These systems are known for their robust reporting capabilities and data storage. Implementing a visitor management system […]

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