Control Your Access Doors with KeySync Mobile

KeySync Mobile is the perfect solution for the “on the go” security director or facilities manager. The app, which is now fully integrated with AMAG, specializes in giving authorized users full control over their facility.

One of the most essential security features that KeySync Mobile offers is complete door control. KeySync Mobile can lock or unlock doors at your facility from anywhere in the world! All you need is a smart phone or tablet, the KeySync app and authorized login information.

Having full control over your doors provides a safer environment for your employees and can also improve overall productivity. First, the app is useful when you need to make scheduling changes on the fly. For example, what would you do if your city was experiencing a snow emergency and you had to shut down the office? You would need to make sure that the doors stayed locked instead of unlocking at their regularly scheduled time. With KeySync Mobile, you can make these changes safely from the comfort of your own home. In just a few simple steps, your facility will be locked down and protected from unwanted guests.

KeySync Mobile can also help with basic facility logistics. The app offers a temporary door unlocking mechanism. This feature is especially beneficial for office deliveries or if employees forget their key fobs or ID badges. However, we strongly recommend implementing a video surveillance system or intercom to make sure the person on the other side of the door is exactly who they claim to be. Letting just anyone into your building can put your employees at risk.

You can also use the app to check on a portal’s status and to troubleshoot if needed. For example, if a portal is unlocked when it’s supposed to be locked – you could have a security threat on your hands. Being able to check on your portals from your smartphone will keep your facility safe and clear up any vulnerabilities.




With KeySync Mobile – you can better secure your doors and your entire facility from anywhere, whether you’re away from your desk, out of the office, or even out of the country; you have complete control with our mobile app.

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