Access and manage your security systems directly from your mobile device. With our mobile app, your system will be easier to use and increase productivity for your workplace.  KeySync mobile allows staff to cut the ropes from being tied to a desk and more effectively and efficiently do their job. KeySync mobile interacts with your physical access control system, ensuring that your access control and secure information is readily available when appropriate authorities need them.

The app works as an extension of your security team – it enables you to improve your security and manage access to restricted areas while you monitor threats or work on other projects.

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Access your entire control system all while away from your desk!

Assist with daily operations while out of the office.

Available on Android and IOS mobile devices.



Enjoy peace of mind from any location as you observe your security from your smartphone and tablet. The Keysync mobile solution is a comprehensive security system extension that provides integrated approval and adjustments of access from a remote location.

  • View Event Activity
  • View, Edit, and Add People
    • Access Levels
    • Card Number
    • Card Status
    • Credentials
  • Control Access Levels
  • Update User Credentials
  • Delete Users

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