How KeySync Helps Both IT and HR

KeySync is not just for Security Departments. In fact, the KeySync platform, which is categorized as a Physical Identify and Access Management solution, benefits both the Human Resources and Information Technology department’s as well. KeySync unifies identity management databases and streamlines operations for all departments.

KeySync makes the biggest impact with both HR and IT during the employee hiring and onboarding process. Usually, when someone is hired, HR enters all of their information into their own database (Bamboo HR, Workday, etc…). Then, HR would have to let both the Security and IT Departments know about the new hire. The IT Department must get the user set up in their own databases (Active Directory, Outlook, etc..), and the Security Department would have to issue their access badge, alarm codes, and access levels. In short, it’s a lot of work and leaves a lot of room for errors.

A similar process would have to take place when you terminate an employee, especially if they leave on bad terms. A smooth and efficient off boarding process will keep both your employees and facility safe and secure. What if you terminate an employee and later found out that, all this time, they still had access to your facility and servers? Or, what if this employee came back to the office and still could get in? This would put everyone at risk.

Moreover, entering information, or employee pictures, into many different databases leaves a lot of room for errors as well. With KeySync, you enter in the information into one system just one time. By using KeySync, you will reduce all redundancies and inaccuracies regarding your employee database. You will have a streamlined and integrated workflow! It will save you time, money, and keep your database clean.

With KeySync, your employees can focus on the bigger ticket items instead of wasting their time entering data or cleaning up your employee records.

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