Physical Identity Access Management

Are you looking to streamline your security operations and make it easier to manage physical identities within your organization? Manual efforts of identity management and access control can often lead to errors and duplicate entries, which causes a lot of inaccurate employee data and can even put your organization at risk.

Through KeySync’s centralized software, you now have a user interface that makes it easy to monitor your environment and ensures all visitors are authorized for access both physically and on your network.

KeySync simplifies the control of your organization and ensures all physical identifies have the right access to specified areas. KeySync gives access to approved employees, consultants, visitors, staff and students within your organizations.

KeySync also gives you the benefit of changing your settings within just one platform. With KeySync, you will be able to easily change a user’s access levels or take them away. Without KeySync, you will have to update each platform separately, and missing just one of those platforms throughout the process can leave your facility and network vulnerable; especially if you are trying to keep someone out!

When you want to simplify the control of your employees, think KeySync. Our support and advanced solutions establish an authoritative source for enterprise identities and manage security risk to systems, your assets and people.

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